Sunday, 26 October 2014

Machiavelli summer 1457

This turn saw a massive swing in fortunes. I had realised that my aggressive assault on Florence was going to make me a threat to my neighbours but I had not realised how advanced their alliance was.

Naples, Venice and the imperialist (Austria) launched a combined offensive against me. Naples attacked from the south while Venice bribed my army in Bologna pushing it into Pistoia, following up with a move onto Bologna and a landing in Ancona. The imperialist transported on Venetian boats landed in Romagna attacking the Papal troops there.

My forces continued their assault into Florence taking Pisa and attacking Florence again. I had hoped for another turns grace but it was not to be. These moves brought an unexpected turn as Milan began a line of communication again. Although things look pretty dire I am looking forward to the challenge of digging the Pope out of this mess.


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