Sunday, 26 October 2014

Machiavelli Spring 1457

The Florentine force that had moved into Bolongna did not move out as agreed. In response the papal force garrisoning Bologna sallied out to meet them in the field.

The Florentines were drawn up defending a river line. The papal army is not well suited to open field engagements but excels in bad terrain. My plan was to push on either side to split the Florentine defence before assaulting one wing or the other depending on opportunity.

Florence occupied a defensive position on the riverbank, placing their artillery covering the ford. I split my force into 3, a solid pike block in the centre, auxiliaries and crossbow on my left, auxiliaries on my rightand holding my knights in reserve.

As the papal forces began their advanced, Florence pushed troops up to cover his right but left his other flank unguarded. The papal crossbow began harrassing fire from in the river while the auxiliaries pushed forward against the unguarded flank. The knights facing the crossbows were feeling the pain with one stand lost to fire. The auxiliaries crossed the river unopposed,  this produced a reaction from the Florentine centre as a pike unit, blades and some crossbowmen repositioned to protect the threatned flank.

The weakened centre presented the papal forces with the opportunity and they grasped it with both hands. The pike block attacked over the river against the weakened Florentine centre. One destroyed artillery unit later and it was nearly all over. Florentine hopes were pinned on a pike and blade combination but with auxiliaries pouring over the river on the flank and the pike block to their front it was a vain hope.

The battle resulted in the destruction of the Florentine army as it had no path of retreat. The Papal armies now looked poised to complete the destruction of Florence.

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