Tuesday, 17 January 2012


This is an engagement that took place in September 1944 at Dompaire south of Nancy. The Germans had launched an counter attack with on of their new Panzer Brigades the 112th in an attempt to halt the 2nd French Armoured Division. The panzer Brigade advanced to the village of Dompaire and halted.
 The French proceeded to encircle the village and subjected it to a relentless air and artillery bombardment. In desperate straights the remaining Germans are attempting to break out and link up with the relief force. 
 The main command crept out of the village into the low ground at the edge of the village. In a string of ambushes their panthers were whittled down by French M10s and Shermans.
 Cleaver use of the woods and the hill enabled the french to shuffle forces to keep the pressure on the geermans.
 No Sign of the relief force.

In the end all of the panthers were knocked out the infantry were fleeing through the fields. The Relief force engaged in its own wee war against a French group in the small farm to the east. It was a resounding allied victory and quite close to what actually happened.

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