Friday, 10 August 2012

Rangers on the run

Derek Hodge had mentioned the week before about doing a small game of Muskets and Tomahawks so this being the week after, here is the report. Derek had arranged a small scenario involving a returning party of British rangers, light infantry and Indians heading home after burning out a few defenceless homesteaders. The French had an ambush party consisting of companie de Marine, militia and some Indians, deployed in front of a critical ford that the British had to cross. The sub-plots involved my French Indians leader who hated the rangers officer and wanted to scalp him. The British had to search a building to recover an item.

The French deployed their regular infantry unit in a field to the left of the road. These were the only unit on the table all the rest were represented by counters. The French deployed 4 counters to the left of the road around. The British deployed 4 counters to each each side of the road. The French had 3 more counters but these started off-table.

The British started pushing forward looking to flush out the French ambush. With a string of good cards they made good ground and started circling round the French left flank. At this point 3 French counters appeared behind the British left flank. It was all starting to look rather interesting.

The French flanking force now revealed one of its counters as a group of Indians these then advanced and spotted 3 of the 4 counters on the British left. If you are spotted by your opponent the designated leader is placed on the counter and the other figures are placed at your opponents discretion within 6". I started laughing at this point as I gleefully placed poor old Donald's figures all over the place. Formation ruined and fingers crossed for the next card I sat down. Well I stayed seated for a while as a couple of good cards allowed Donald to sort out the mess and get a round of fire in.

Donald did not hang around trading shots but headed off to engage and flank the Companie de Marine in the field. My Indians followed up but good cards for Donald and poor ones for me meant he stayed ahead giving the poor Companie de Marine a right shoeing. The British seemed more interested in the buildings the in fighting and my Indians were stuck in the woods.

The game at this point drew to a close nither side had achived there primary purpose but the British had managed to recover what ever it was they were looking for.

A good game the rules have a great feel to them one of the first blackpowder skirmish rulesets I have enjoyed.


  1. Dougie
    I will give the rules a try - they were my one big purchase at Claymore. I will work out a 28mm AWI game for early September.


  2. Sounds good, they are a fun set to play.